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High End Hiring (HEH) has a unique, customized approach—we focus on verifying soft skills, in order to find candidates who are ideal for both the position and the company as a whole.


                  Our Process Is What Sets us Apart

    • Interview with Hiring Manager to Help Create Company Profile and Job Description
    • Multi Layer Interviewing of Candidates
    • Testing (including Personality, IQ & Job Fit)
    • Background & Reference checks

      We specialize in evaluating soft skills, focusing on the following areas:

    • Finance
    • IT
    • Executive positions
    • Administrative support
    • Sales Representatives
    • Medical office support

One of the most challenging aspects of growing a practice, for me, has been finding and keeping quality employees. I've had to face the fact that while I am an excellent practitioner, my skills are lacking when if comes to hiring. After several disasters hiring CAs myself, and them paying astronomical fees to "the professionals," I finally asked High End Hiring to help me.

Their procedure showed that they have a way to really read people that I admired. Over the years I've used HEH several times to find a suitable employee and they have not failed me yet. Oh and I saved money over the crazy high price of headhunters.High End Hiring has a superior hiring procedure. Let them help your business.

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