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What we believe in


Helping hundreds of businesses establish and achieve growth

We founded High End Hiring for one reason: to help leaders build the teams they need to grow their companies. Coming from a business consulting background, and helping hundreds of businesses establish and achieve growth, it became very clear that the most important thing I can do for my clients is to help them build their teams with the kind of people who share their vision and passion.

There was a void in the market for a recruitment firm that could deliver on the promise of being able to conduct effective screenings and evaluations to really find the right fit. Most recruitment companies that I had dealt with promised that they do a comprehensive search to find the right fit but in actuality standard recruiting—with its contingent searches and revolving-door mercenaries—is a little shady, and very inefficient. But that’s exactly what the entrepreneur in me finds so intriguing


The final candidate that we hired was 150% of what we targeted

As an advisory firm which provides services to leading organizations in the capital markets, banking, and insurance industry, we need to ensure that new members of our team are up the to task and able to carry their share of the load. We turned to High End Hiring to help grow our team, because their model seemed to be different and more thorough than your typical recruitment firm. The steps that Hire End Hiring went through, which were above and beyond traditional recruiting services, impressed me. They take the time to fully understand who we are and what the exact position entails before starting the process. Their candidates, subsequently, were on the mark and fulfilled exactly what we were looking for. The final candidate that we hired was 150% of what we targeted and we got an integral new team member that will help us grow our business. I would recommend High End Hiring to any business that is looking to build their team.


J. Rossi

Founding Member, New York City

They took the time to fully understand what I envisioned as my ideal team

I reopened my practice a little over a year ago and really started from scratch. I put a lot of work and money into promoting the practice, but was always a little worried about “growing too fast” since I didn’t have the staff to back me up. That is when I decided to work with High End Hiring. I found that they had a unique approach to recruitment and did not see it as a “numbers game”. They took the time to fully understand what I envisioned as my ideal team and then did their search based on that vision. As of now I have used HEH 3 times to hire my admin and Associate staff and could not be happier with the results. My practice is booming as a result of the amazing team they helped me put in place. I would recommend HEH to any business owner who wants build their team.


J. Cohen

Owner, Private Practice

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You can’t succeed without great people on your team.

That is where I developed the HEH proprietary soft skill evaluation procedure which now proudly boasts a 85% retention success rate and most efficient methods to actually soft skill evaluate and understand what the company culture really is to find the right fit for the company and the job.

I’m a big believer that high-growth companies need two things, above all else, to grow and prosper…Capital and Talent. But if Talent is so vital to growth, why is it served by a recruiting industry that most CEOs agree is broken? It seems like everyone has a story about a bad experience with a recruiter. It’s an industry that is ripe for a revolution.

Through that journey and after advising many similar companies, we learned what all successful entrepreneurs know…you can’t succeed without great people on your team.

We placed a bet that other leaders want exactly what we want: someone you can trust to help grow your team so you can concentrate on growing your business; someone whose goals are mutually aligned and can give you access to top talent that’s not on the market.

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We know your world, because we’ve lived it too.

We know your world, because we’ve lived it too. Our company was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs who built and grew organizations much like yours. We believe entrepreneurs and the companies we build hold the key to our future. We spot opportunities and take risks that big corporations and governments simply can’t. But in order to make that impact, we need to move quickly and execute flawlessly, with a talented team that’s up to the task.

At High End Hiring, we’ve built our own team of great people committed to helping you build yours. That’s our commitment to you. That’s how we help you achieve High End Hiring.


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