Don’t advertise your salary range and therefore don’t hire the best people


What do Hiring Agencies know that Hiring Managers don’t seem to know about publishing salary ranges for positions that need to be filled?  

Hiring Agencies know that the most qualified applicants (for that particular position) will tend to apply to and get hired by companies that publish salary ranges because the salary range istotally indicative of the type of job it is.  

A quick search on for “Sales Managers in New York” will illustrate this. At the time of this article, only one of the results has a salary denoted. The rest didn’t. That listing was from a Hiring Agency and the rest were corporate hiring managers.

Hiring Agencies typically hire a higher volume of personnel than most Hiring Managers hire for their respective companies or divisions. Through experience hiring agencies know that candidates will select where they want to apply with the salary ranges depicted because it is their most important factor and because it best describes the level of job that it is.

Hiring Managers may argue they want leverage and that they want to have the upper hand. But why? Give them too low a salary and they’ll leave anyway, once they discover they could have been paid more.

The moral of the story is disclose your salary ranges on all postings and get better candidates who are exactly matched to the job. Your time is too valuable to waste on needless resumes trying to temper unreal expectations. By treating your recruitment process transparently you are saying much about your company – a fact not lost to candidates.

At High End Hiring we post in various outlets depending on the job, and we make sure to indicate a salary or pay range.  It helps us help you with only qualified individuals and the best individuals for your company.

Allen Harris